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The advancement of technology has revolutionized our Education system tremendously. It has taken the classroom studies to an altogether different level. It has not only increased the accessibility to education but has contributed to an increase in stress levels for students. Too much is being expected from students. Looking at the growing competition, they are expected to devote the entire day to studies. And if that is not enough they are put under the huge pressure of submitting the homework & assignments for various subjects on a daily basis. Students these days are food-deprived, sleep-deprived and rest deprived due to loads of Homework & my assignments help. We understand if this pattern continues, it will lead to some severe consequences. We along with our team understand the growing concerns of the students have come up with the Homework help program. Our scholars cater to the students from all walks of life be it school, college, and university students. We understand their struggle of preparing & submitting the Homework & assignment on time. We are here to fix it up for you.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in almost every subject. Subjects like English, Economics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Statistics, History, Computer Science, Sociology, and Psychology are just to name a few.

Some of our core competencies are as follows:


The pool of Scholars & experts

We have a specially designated team of Scholars & Tutors to assist the students with their Homework & My Assignments Help. Our experts are highly qualified & detailed oriented they ensure quality standards of Homework help services is maintained.


Time is money

We understand the value of time and how even a little delay can affect the Grades & scores of the Students. We ensure timely submission of Homework & assignments is made to the Students.


Original Content only

Since we have a team of dedicated tutors & experts, they create well-researched content which is not only correct but also 100% original. We strictly follow the Harvard/APA guidelines.



We offer our services at the most competitive prices. We offer quality Homework Help Services at the most affordable price which is easy on your pockets.


24/7 Available

Our tutors are available round the clock for our students. We have a feature of ‘Live Chat’ available for our students which allow them to contact us irrespective of what time is it. We a just a click away.

Online Tutoring

We conduct LIVE online classes for the Topic requested. Once availed for this service, our student gets access to all recorded video of classes conducted and also gets notifications on future classes.

Follow some simple steps and avail our services & assistance with your Homework & Assignments:

  • Create an account on our Website and submit the Topic and subject the assistance needed for. We can also be contacted through email.

  • Once the form is filled and successfully submitted, opt for a Customised quote from my Team.

  • If you are satisfied with the Quote provided, make the payment using PayPal.

  • As soon as the payment is made, a team of scholars & tutors is assigned to your Homework & assignment.

  • Once the Homework and assignment are completed, it is emailed to you.

  • Once it is received, students shall go through it, and if some modification is required in the Homework, it must be sent to us with immediate effect.

Services we offer:

Assignment Help

This is one undisputed fact that My Assignment help has become the need of the hour. We serve the world-class Assignment help enabling the student to concentrate on academics & are spared from unwanted anxiety.

Customized Essay Writing

We offer the best essay writing services. The contents of the Essays are original & based on facts.

Assignment & Project Help

We have a team of PH.D. Scholars & masters specifically dedicated to offering original & quality Assignments & Projects.