1. Flexible Price Policy/ One Price Policy- We offer you the service at a different price, during a certain period. We make sure that the customer gets the chance to negotiate and get the service at their desired price. Along with flexible pricing, we also have one price policy where all the changes and upgrades in our services have a fixed price where the customers cannot negotiate.

  2. Promotional/ Penetration Pricing Policy- We also offer our regular clients some of the special services for using our help for their assignments. Also if you are someone who is referring our services to your known ones like friends, collogue, family members, etc. We also provide you some discount amount.

  3. All cards Accepted- We accept all kinds of payment methods, depending on the convenience of the customers including credit cards, Debit Cards, Visa Card, UPI, etc.

  4. Discount Policy- We do not provide a discount to the users who pay the 50% amount beforehand and 50% after getting the service. This offer is available to those users who pay the whole amount in one go during the purchase of the service for getting uninterrupted service that we provide.

  5. Synchro Pricing Policy- We assure you to provide the best service of your demand as our experts are well trained to make sure that your money spent does not go to waste and you can fully utilize the service.

  6. Premium Member Policy- We provide special discounts to our regular clients as well as some additional services only meant for those users who buy our services on a regular service or we can say premium members have access to the premium advantages.