How To Start An Assignment Paper Writing

Figure out the topic:

First, you to find out what is the topic you need to write. Then keeping in mind the total marks of the assignment and the total number of the portion you need to cover up. Divide all the portion with the total number then start writing according it. For example, if the full marks of the assignment are 20 and you have top cover 4 sections of the assignment then you can take 5 marks each for the 4 questions. On the other hand, some assignments have already given marks for each section.

Format of the content

Time for research:

You have figured out the topic of the assignment and now its time to understand each part of the assignment or the questions that are given in the assignment brief. You need to do a quick analysis of the questions and write to them. Now start with the first question and do a brief analysis and full research on different platforms or you also take help from When you are all set with the searched result then start writing. Try to match the writing style and writing format which is done by the other students. Most of the time it is given on the assignment brief so read the assignment brief very firmly.

Tip: Always try to write all the researched materials in a word page or you can only write the Points that you think are important for your assignment.

Structure of an assignment:

First, read the assignment brief carefully because every assignment has its own style and structure of writing and it can be different from each assignment. If you closely read the assignment brief then you will find all the information is already given.

The standard format of an assignment:

  • Font style: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12/14
  • Line spacing: 1.5/2
  • Alignment of the text: Justify
  • Page border (if required)
  • Page name with page number

Assignment writing format:

Start with a table of content and it should be clearly written the topics you are going to cover in the assignment. This part is the most important because the reader will get to know the purpose of the assignment. Use assignment subject on the top of the assignment and always do not forget to use heading and subheading it looks better than writing just with a flow. It gives your paper more clearly as compare to the others and also it helps to understand each topic.

Format of the content

Format of the content

Referencing style:

Always read the assignment carefully as while doing the referencing part its very important you should aware of the referencing style required for the assignment.There are different types of references and one of them can be asked for the assignment. Some of the common References are APA, Harvard and so on.

Harvard reference:

Name of the author, Year published,Title, City published, Publisher, Pages used.

For example [Patersom, J. (2005). Maximum ride. New York: Little, Brown.]

APA reference:

Name of the author, Year published, Title city published

Mitchell,J.A ,Thomas,M & conlw.(2017). A guide citation London,England. Writer published