Real Life Accounting Assignment Solution for Students in the Magical World

The most important and high scoring subject for commerce student is accountancy as it deals with the real-life treatment of the day to day transaction which is done to complete the accounting entry for each of the books of accounts. Accounting deals with the subject topic where every transaction has a double impact i.e. same entry impacting two or more than two accounts. In simple example suppose person bough machinery so here is we need to record the transaction then entry would be machinery account would be debited because as per the golden rule debit what comes in and credit what goes out so here cash or bank account would be credited as there is a decrease in the cash or bank balance for the person.

Accounting Assignment Solution

In another example suppose a person has paid interest and so here interest account would be credited because as per the golden accounting rule all expenses and losses are debited and all income and gains are credited. Another golden rule of Accounting assignment help states that all debit the receiver and credit the giver so on the case if students are confused when they can get in touch with the best experts available to help students in completing their assignment with ease.

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